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Canon Toner Cartridges

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High Quality Canon Toner Cartridges at Online Cartridge

The dilemma of whether to purchase a genuine toner cartridge or Compatible Canon Cartridges is one that has been around for a long time. Over the years with the growth of competition there are many compatible cartridges available. Sometimes people opt for these third party brand cartridges as a cost effective solution to printing. But Online Cartridge is unique online shop where the cost effective solution comes in combination with providing high quality remanufactured Canon cartridges which means that when you use remanufactured canon printer cartridges, you get high quality prints at lowest price. 

Save Cost with Remanufactured Toners

When you purchase remanufactured Canon Toner Cartridges you can save a great amount in cost. Remanufactured toner cartridges are great value for money and work out to be about half the cost of the Genuine Canon toner cartridges. So if price has been a matter of concern to you, this is a great way to reduce your expenditure. Remanufactured toners are your best option for Cheap Canon Toners. You not only get cartridges filled with original ink, but you get it at a very affordable cost too.

Recycle Your Toners to Help the Environment

The pressure on reducing the manufacture of plastic is increasing world over. When your toner cartridge finishes it seems such a waste to have to dispose it with the garbage. You also have the option to recycle this finished cartridge so that it can be refurbished and the outer casing reused. Instead of throwing your Canon Toners in the garbage you can instead opt to give it for recycling and help save the environment. With the awareness of recycling toner cartridges growing it will help to reduce the manufacture of new ones.

Take Advantage of the Convenience of Online Shopping

With the pressing need to save time where ever we can, it has led to the growing popularity of online shopping. At Online Cartridge, you can find a large selection of cartridges available at very economical prices. The efficient service of Online Cartridge makes it a much sought after site for purchase of cartridges. Shopping online saves you time and the effort of having to go out to purchase Canon Printer Toners. On top of that, the delivery on all printer toners is free and the products are delivered next day.

Durability of a toner cartridge

The durability of a toner cartridge does depend on the manufacturer. However, we guarantee 2 years shelf life for original toners and 12 months guarantee for compatible toners. With a brand like Canon you have no need to question the quality and the durability of the cartridge. Canon Cartridges are made for canon printers. Concerns regarding how the toner cartridge will perform usually occur with third party cartridges when you are not sure of the manufacturer or the compatibility of the cartridge with your printer. However when you shop at Online Cartridge you can be rest assured that you will get only high quality third party cartridges.

Warranty of Cartridges

It is important to ensure that the cartridges you purchase have a warranty in case of a problem. All cartridges purchased from Online Cartridge come with a warranty and replacement and money back guarantee of 12 months for remanufactured cartridges and 2 years for genuine cartridges.