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Cartridge Quality

Our Economical Quality Cartridges 

Online cartridge is a one stop destination for a wide variety of cartridges, diverse price range to suit every budget and great customer service. At online cartridge we sell all major brands of cartridges in ink and toner – original as well as remanufactured.  The consumers are spoilt for  choice in terms of price, colour as well as package size. They can also avail the discounts and rebates we offer on our products from time to time.

 One thing common amongst our vast array of cartridges is their superior quality and performance. We deal in Brother, Epson, HP, Samsung, Panasonic, Cannon and all major brand of ink and toner cartridges, available in black and colour. These branded cartridges come with varying print capacity and are available at different prices. The genuine version of these cartridges is ultimate in quality; giving glossy, superfine prints with photo quality finish. The price they command is premium but totally justified if one looks at superb printing performance, ease of operation and reliability of these renowned company-manufactured cartridges.

Quality Remanufactured: Good Value for Your Money

For our cost conscious consumers we sell remanufactured versions of the big brand cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are prepared using the empty cores of genuine cartridges. When the ink or toner runs out, the cartridge is not completely useless as the shell and component are largely intact. The empty shells are collected for recycling. Undamaged empty cartridges are selected among those for remanufacturing. The cores are first subjected to vacuum cleaning to remove any remnants of ink or toner. Key components are replaced with new OEM parts.  Fine quality ink or toner is refilled into the cartridges, which are then sealed electronically. The remanufactured cartridges then pass through industry standard quality checks and tested under control conditions for any defects or faults. Due to exceptional quality ink/toner and constituent parts used, the remanufactured cartridges give fine quality prints without any smudges or blotches. As the shell and other parts are original with OEM specifications, it works in perfect sync with the printer. Since it is not produced from scratch, it cost a fraction of the price charged by Original cartridges while printing same no. of documents as its OEM counterpart.

We would like to assure our customers that OnlineCartridge do not cut corners as far as quality is concerned. We do not deal in generic cartridges, whether Genuine or compatible. Our remanufactured cartridges are assembled using only branded OEM cartridges and are guaranteed to provide prime quality text and images with great speed and efficiency. We have not succumbed to the market that is full of compatible cartridges made simply by refilling inferior quality inks and toners into empty cartridges of unknown production or source. Such cartridges are sold cheaper but offer poor quality printing and unreliable operation. They are known to cause printer breakdown, leakage and blurred prints. We buy only from reputed dealers whose products are warrantied against any manufacturing defects and technical flaws.

We also sell multipack of colour cartridges which is economical than buying the cartridges separately. We also offer high capacity ink and toner cartridges which further prove cost effective due to high print yield. Customers get a good bargain from the volume discounts and special price which we offer on our products.

Peace of Mind with Our Guarantee

Despite maintaining high quality standards online cartridge give 12 months guarantee on its products. If our cartridges are defective or breakdown during printing we give our customers the option to replace or return it within 30 days with full refund of the purchase amount. If there is problem in the printer caused by our cartridges, our technical team would sent the engineer to either repair or replace it free of cost. Hence consumers can buy from online cartridge in full confidence and peace of mind.