Buying toner cartridges for your printer can be difficult. However, being aware and informed regarding toner cartridges can make your buying experience much smoother. All printers have the same fundamental job; to print text or images. However, all printers are not the same. As if the wide range of printers currently available was not enough, buying cartridges too has become challenging, with toner cartridges being amongst a host of other cartridge types. In order to ensure that your Xerox toner cartridge buying experience is a good one, keeping the following points in mind would be wise.

Black or Colour?

This ranks among the simpler questions one tends to ask oneself while buying a toner cartridge. The answer depends on what your requirements are. Colour toner cartridges are more expensive than black ones, and if you can do without colourful printouts, going with black cartridges would suit you just fine.

OEM or Third-Party Cartridges?

If you want the best compatibility between your printer and its toner cartridge, it’s recommended to shop for OEM cartridges. OEM cartridges are those which have been made by your printer’s manufacturers. The prime advantage of an OEM cartridge is its guarantee of working in tune with your printer. However, the high price point may be considered a downside. On the other hand, third-party cartridges are generally less expensive than their OEM counterparts. However, you need to be on your guard when buying them as compatibility with your printer may not be guaranteed.

Is Bulk Buying Okay?

Many people like to stock up on their toner cartridges to avoid the hassle of ordering regularly. But bulk buying is recommended only if you have suitable conditions to store them. Keeping them exposed to light and in excessive heat is not good for their long-term health. Online Cartridge is a trusted name in the UK for printing products. From Xerox cartridges to a plethora of printing essentials, Online Cartridge is a one-stop solution for your printing necessities.